National Parks

Nature’s Very Best

The United States, as well as the overseas territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa, are almost bursting at the seams from having all the natural wonders and sensations.

Hardly any other country on earth can boast such species and natural diversity – this is reflected in the sheer number of national parks. A total of 63 national parks are in the hands of the National Park Service and invite you to discover and be amazed by their amazing beauty, biodiversity and history.

A visit to a national park is not just a trip into nature. It is an experience for all the senses that captivates children, adults and grandparents alike.

Many of the national parks have a rich history that can be experienced on site. If you want to learn more about your nation, a visit to the national park is the right option.

Quick side fact: The number 423 is often wrongly mentioned when listing the various national parks. Here, however, all parks and protected areas in the register of the National Park Service are counted together.

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