Welcome to the Sunshine State

Climate and Weather – The Best Time to Visit Florida

Florida is also colloquially known as the Sunshine State – and that’s not an overstatement. 

The state is a perfect year-round travel destination, but if you have the choice, plan your vacation during the off-peak seasons of spring and fall. Temperatures are going to be perfect at these times and you have the distinct advantage that fewer fellow tourists are going to be out and about. That way you can enjoy the numerous sights and scenes of the state even better.

Enjoying the year-long warm water and soft sand is a huge draw for domestic and international tourists. Watching the sun set over the sheer endless horizon on a Floridian beach should absolutely be an item on everyones travel bucket list.

The Beaches

A total of 1,350 miles of coastline that range from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, ensure that the Sunshine State has no shortage of beaches.

Fort Myers Beach

Sanibel Island

Siesta Beach

South Beach

Naples Beach

Florida National Parks

From the Everglades to the Dry Tortugas – The sunshine state is not only rich in sunshine, but also in history and nature. The region’s extraordinary flora and fauna definitely belongs on travelers’ bucket lists. Where else can you get the opportunity to observe crocodiles, manatees and countless species of birds in the wild?

Florida has no shortage of national and state parks, with the Everglades National Park likely being one of the best known of the three national parks in the state.

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979 and home to many animal species that are unfortunately threatened with extinction. Over 350 different bird species can be admired on the 1.5 million hectare area. These include, for example, the only wild flamingos in the entire United States. In addition, there are over 40 species of mammals and 50 different species of reptiles in the Everglades.

Speaking of reptiles: The Everglades is the only region on earth that is home to both alligators and crocodiles.

Except for a few man-made structures, Everglades National Park has largely been preserved in its original form. These facilities also include the four visitor centers.

In the period between December and March you will meet the most tourists in the national park. At this time of year the climate is most attractive and mosquitoes are least active.

Do you want to visit the national park for more than just one day? Then you are cordially invited to camp at the officially designated campsites. From there you can also set off on the many hiking trails that run through the park.

Cities in Florida

Miami & Miami Beach

Tallahassee – While Miami is the largest and most famous city in Florida, the capital of the sunshine state is Tallahassee. Located in the Florida Panhandle, the capital of the Sunshine State is steeped in history.

Tampa – Not only is Tampa the home of Busch Gardens, but also a plethora of cool museums and some of the most beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

Fort Lauderdale – Best known as the quintessential spring break destination, Fort Lauderdale is a revelation for beach goers in particular.

Orlando – When you hear Orlando, you inevitably think of Disney. In fact, it was Walt Disney’s vision of a theme park that transformed what was formerly just swampland into America’s theme park capital. Today Orlando and the surrounding area are home to some of America’s most popular amusement destinations.

Florida Sports

Whatever kind of sport you happen to be into, there’s a decent chance Florida-based teams are doing well in it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won the Super Bowl LV in 2020, and then there are of course the three-time NBA champions Miami Heat, of which you surely have heard before.

In addition, there is no shortage of minor or semi-pro teams. Baseball, ice hockey, football or soccer are all well covered and offer every sports fan a reason to visit a local stadium.

Racing fans surely have heard of the Daytona International Speedway, which plays host to the Daytona 500 and the 24 hours of Daytona. These two events alone, both of which act as the season opening races for their respective championships, are among the most beloved and famous auto races in the world.

There is a variety of amateur races and professional championships over the year, which seek the numerous racetracks of the state. From sports cars to NASCAR, there is always a race on somewhere.

Why you should visit Florida

To make a long story short: Florida is not only rich in breathtaking flora and fauna, golden sandy beaches and palm trees that sway in the wind. This is the perfect vacation spot for your whole family. Take your kids to a zoo full of native animals, spend a weekend at one of the numerous amusement parks, or treat yourself to a bit of culture at a Broadway-style dinner show.

The state’s rich history ensures that there is something to explore for every area of interest. From colonial history, when Juan Ponce de León claimed parts of today’s state for Spain. Or choose to visit the Kennedy Space Center, home of the historical Apollo 11 lunar mission that sent humans to the moon.

To read more about all the good reasons to visit Florida, check out our dedicated article.

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