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Visit the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge to embark on a historic voyage and experience the RMS Titanic like never before.

The Titanic has Stranded in Pigeon Forge…

On your way through Pigeon Forge, you might be tempted to believe that your eyes start deceiving you. Could it really be? Is that the RMS Titanic on the side of the road? Has someone very wealthy gone to great lenghts to pull the majestic vessel out of the ocean and put it on display in the Smokies?

Well, not quite. And since there have been very limited accounts of iceberg sightings in Tennessee, we can also count out the possibility that our geography teachers have collectively failed us.

In fact, what appears to be the spitting image of the famous cruise liner, is in fact a lovingly detailed replica. And as such it houses a museum that has dedicated itself to telling the fascinating story of one of maritimes greatest disasters.

The museum offers a variety of exhibits and interactive experiences to give visitors a glimpse of life on board the Titanic.

At the Titanic Museum, you can explore the replica ship, see historical artifacts, and learn personal stories from Titanic passengers. There are also re-enactments and exhibits that tell the story of the ship and her tragic sinking.

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