St. Pete Pier

St. Pete’s Renewed Getaway

The first iteration of the St. Petersburg Pier dates back to 1889. Understandably, the old structure was in dire need of a renovation and received a complete makeover in 2020. Now offering more shade, more art installations and significantly more opportunities for leisurely activities. Today, St. Petersburg Pier has become the new hub of St. Pete’s nightlife.

St. Pete Pier Tiki Boat Cruise

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Food & Drink

What would a day on the pier be without some food, right? Right at the entrance you will find Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro, a seafood restaurant.

If you walk a little along the pier, you will eventually come across the Spa Beach Bistro, located on the beach of the same name. The outdoor eatery serves pizza, fries and salads.

We can also recommend a visit to Doc’s Ford Rum Bar & Grille, which mainly offers flavors from the Caribbean cuisine.

At the end of the pier you will find Teak, a restaurant that can easily be described as an architectural marvel. A tiki-themed rooftop bar sits on the top floor, offering views over Tampa Bay that are second to none. The experience is rounded off as soon as the sun disappears behind the horizon and the building is harmoniously illuminated.

Art Installations

St. Petersburg is known to be the city of the arts, and of course this is also reflected in the remodeled pier. Numerous artists have contributed their works on the site and offer you the opportunity to stop and marvel during a walk.

One of these installations includes Janet Echelman’s Beding Arc: a sculpture made from 180 miles of twine and a grand total of 1,662,528 knots. We’re not exactly sure who counted them, but it nevertheless is a pretty impressive sight. Especially once the sun has dipped below the horizon, when neatly placed LED lights eek out that little extra something out of the 72-foot tall sculpture.

Janet Echelman’s “Bending Arc”

Besides its connection to the arts, St. Petersburg is also widely known to be the birthplace of commercial air travel. With this little fun fact in mind, it should be no surprise that one of the pioneers in aviation also has his own memorial on the pier.

The life-size sculpture of the Benoit Airboat stands proudly on the aptly named Benoist Centennial Plaza. It commemorates the first 21-mile commercial flight across the bay to Tampa, which pilot Tony Jannus used this very aircraft for on January 1, 1914.

Of course, nothing was left to chance when choosing the statue’s location: the hangar that housed the world’s first airline once stood where the Benoit Centennial Plaza stands today.

If you want to know more about Tony Jannus and the Benoit Airboat, head over to the St. Petersburg Museum of History, which sits conveniently at the pier’s entrance.

World’s First Airline Monument

Spa Beach at St. Pete Pier

What would a pier be without a beach? Located right next to the St. Petersburg Museum of History lies the beautiful sandy beach called Spa Beach, with the skyline of St. Petersburg as your sun-lounging backdrop.

It’s a great little urban escape and has almost endless possibilities for fun activities in store. In addition to sunbathing, the beach also offers the possibility to launch kayaks and paddleboats into the sea.

Nearby Attractions

The pier is centrally located, with numerous attractions lining up within walking distance. The St. Petersburg Museum of History sits directly on the entrance to the pier area and gives an impressive insight into the region’s history. Its exhibits also include a little more detail on Jannus’ Airboat and the first commercial flight, which has been immortalized as a statue on the pier.

If you walk further south, one of St. Petersburg’s most famous museums awaits you: The Salvador Dali Museum, with its numerous paintings by the beloved and quirky Spanish artist.

And how could we forget to mention the impressive Museum of Fine Arts, which is located directly opposite the St. Pete Pier entrance.

600 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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