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Admission Tickets to SPYSCAPE

Learn more about the history of real world espionage at New York's SPYSCAPE museum.

The Museum

Ever wanted to feel like a proper spy or put your detective skills to the test? SPYSCAPE in New York allows you to challenge your skills as a super spy through an immersive museum experience.

Immediately as you step inside SPYSCAPE, you are greeted by an intriguing and futuristic environment, reminiscent of a high-tech spy headquarters. The museum features a variety of interactive exhibits and installations that cover different aspects of espionage, including cryptography, surveillance, hacking, and deception.

One of the many highlights of SPYSCAPE is the Spy Museum, where you can explore the history of espionage through a collection of artifacts, rare documents, and personal stories of real-life spies. From the gadgets used by Cold War agents to the stories of legendary spies, this exhibit provides a captivating insight into the real world of espionage.

928 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

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