Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration

Hallway inside the immigration museum

The Museum

The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is a New York City institution dedicated to the history of immigration to the United States. The museum features exhibits documenting the experiences of millions of people who came to the United States through the port of Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954.

Inside the museum’s exhibition hall.

Among the most well-known exhibits are the now famous images of immigrants in front of the Statue of Liberty, arriving to the United States by boat. The famous shot was taken by Augustus Sherman, an employee of the Immigration Bureau.

Aimed at visitors of all ages, the museum features interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and multimedia displays that bring the history of immigration to the United States to life.

The Museum of Immigration is not only a place of remembrance, but also a place of learning and appreciation for the diversity and contribution of immigrants to American society. It is a significant cultural institution that offers an insight into the history and importance of immigration in the United States.

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