Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

Entry Tickets to the King Tut's Tomb Exhibit at the Luxor Hotel & Casino

Learn more about the history of ancient Egypt at the Luxor's Discovering King Tut's Tomb exhibit.

Ancient Egypt in Las Vegas

If you find yourself in Las Vegas and have a passion for ancient Egypt, consider visiting the Luxor Hotel & Casino to experience the awe-inspiring King Tut’s Tomb Exhibit.

The discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb is arguably the greatest archaeological discovery in history. The exhibition follows Howard Carter, the discoverer of the tomb, on his journey through the Valley of Kings and ultimately the discovery there in November 1922 that would go down in history.

Throughout the exhibit, informative displays and multimedia presentations offer insights into the life, reign, and discovery of King Tutankhamun. Learn about the significance of the tomb’s discovery and the meticulous preservation efforts that have allowed us to glimpse into the past.

As you venture deeper into the exhibit, you’ll encounter a vast collection of artifacts, including intricately crafted jewelry, ornate furniture, golden burial masks, and awe-inspiring statues. These items provide a glimpse into the opulence and grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization and shed light on the religious beliefs and funerary practices of the time.

One more highlight of the exhibition is the stunning recreation of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship that went into the pharaoh’s golden sarcophagus and the intricate details of the burial shrine. The exhibit also showcases various replicas of the iconic treasures found in the tomb, such as the golden funerary mask that has become synonymous with King Tutankhamun.

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