Kentucky Derby Museum

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General Admission Tickets to the Kentucky Derby Museum

Visit the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville and explore the history of Kentucky's most-beloved tradition.

The Museum

The aptly named museum, which has dedicated itself in its entirety to the annual Kentucky Derby horse race, features a variety of exhibits and interactive displays that highlight the history of Kentucky’s most famous traditions. Besides exhibiting prominent horses, jockeys, and owners, you can also observe historical artifacts such as trophies, jockey gear, and racing umbrellas, and learn about the evolution of the race itself and its cultural impact.

Further highlights of the museum include an immersive multimedia presentation that throws you, the viewer, right into the action. If you’re easily bored by simply browsing through exhibits and reading plaques, this is your opportunity to virtually ride on horseback and feel like a proper jockey yourself.

If you feel like getting even closer to the action, the museum also offers guided tours of the Churchill Downs racing complex, where you will have the unique opportunity to explore the famous infield, stables and other important sites of the fascinating festival venue.

The Kentucky Derby

Held annually, the Kentucky Derby is a horse race held as part of the two-week long Kentucky Derby Festival.

But don’t be mistaken: The Kentucky Derby is way more than just your average horse race. The entire event is a cultural experience like no other and is deeply entwined with the region and the entire state of Kentucky.

You can read more about the Kentucky Derby, as well as the festivities around the annual event, in our dedicated article detailing all the fun little details about this special Kentucky tradition.

704 Central Ave, Louisville, KY 40208

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