About Statesfarer

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From Cape Flattery to Key West – Statesfarer brings the vast sights and scenes of the continental United States right to you. Our offer is designed to help you see and experience the USA from a whole new perspective.

There is exactly what you are looking for for every travel taste. From great travel and excursion destinations for families with children, to remote beach paradises to switch off after a stressful phase. Our detailed travel guides will help you find your perfect vacation or day trip.

Guides You Can Trust

It is not our goal to sell you a pig in a poke. We love the United States in all its glorious facets and only want to bring the best travel destinations closer to you. To do this, we work with trusted partners, all of which are veterans in their respective industries.

“What do I love the most? Seeing places other tourists won’t even think of. There are so many gems off the beaten track, bursting with beauty, history and amazing people. With statesfarer, I want to help travelers get more out of their vacation than just visiting the usual destinations.”


Besides promoting the big-box companies and well-known sightseeing destinations, we do our best to equally support small travel and tourism businesses. If you are the owner of a small museum, gallery or hotel and wish to be featured on Statesfarer, please reach out to us!

Traveling Through Culture

Traveling across the states and seeing different sights is one thing, but what makes any trip complete is a deep dive into the culture of your destination. Every state, county and locality has its own history. Each person has a very special story to look back on.

We not only want to bring you closer to the sights, but also give you an insight into the respective culture of the area.

How Can I Contact Statesfarer?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our contact page. Please note that we cannot provide personal travel advice at this time.

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